Low Emission Development


In order to support the BSR transformation into a low carbon economy, HA Climate is focusing on the following activities and initiatives [1]:



Establishing a strategic dialogue between governments for supporting the development and implementation of national low carbon development policies in order to:
Support harmonization of rules and plans
Promote climate-resilient and resource efficient solutions
Accelerate the transition to a circular economy
Stimulate green public procurement


Support the Low Emission Development (LED) research cooperation

Raise the public awareness on climate change and low-emission lifestyles



[1] The proposed activities are based on the proposals and recommendations made in the Report “Evaluation of Low-Carbon Development policy implementation in the Baltic Sea Region 2014” (EUSBSR HA Sustainable Seed Money project BALLOON)

Climate Adaptation


Awareness and preparedness to climate change differ across the whole Baltic Sea region. HA Climate is supporting the Baltic Sea Region capacity to adapt to a changing climate by:



Developing a more robust evidence base on the impacts and consequences of climate change – a Baltic Sea Region climate adaptation inventory. This will also feed information to the EU ClimateAdapt website.


Raising awareness on the need for action through capacity building with a special focus on adaptation on local and regional level.


Initiating Baltic Sea Region climate forums in a policy-science-business set-up on climate adaptation