The Baltic Sea Region Climate Dialogue Platform


In its role as HA Climate, Baltic 2030 is facilitating an extensive climate dialogue for the region through the initiative the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Climate Dialogue Platform.



Since awareness and preparedness to climate change differ across the region, the climate dialogue has the ambition to elaborate a shared understanding of climate change challenges and to promote adaptation solutions through joint projects and actions in the Baltic Sea region.


Through a series of Round Tables, which convenes national representatives, climate scientists and stakeholders from NGOs in the Baltic Sea region, the initiative promotes macro-regional cooperation and contributes to the implementation of EU climate policies.


To pursue these objectives, the platform facilitates knowledge exchange of information and best practices, information about policy development in BSR countries, the fostering of synergies among existing initiatives, as well as the identification and exploration of further cooperation opportunities for relevant projects and actors in the BSR.


Outcomes of the Round Tables:


Development of a BSR climate inventory, with the objective to collect and disseminate climate adaptation materials. The BSR climate inventory will be made available on the EU Climate Adapt website, visit their website here.

Development of a joint capacity training and awareness raising project on climate adaptation, targeting the Baltic Sea region countries.

Local governments role on adapting to the climate change in BSR.


List of Round Tables:


1st RT 5th December 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden

2nd RT 29th April 2014, Warsaw, Poland. Click here for further information.

3rd RT 12th November 2014, Tallinn, Estonia. To find more information and relevant documents, click here.

4th RT 29th April 2015, Tallinn Estonia. Click here for further information.

5th RT Autumn 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. Click here for further information.

7th RT May 2017, Reykjavik, Iceland. Click here for further information.

8th RT June 2018, Tallinn, Estonia. Click here for further information.

9th RT November 2018, Riga, Latvia. Meeting overview with presentations of participants: Minutes_9th Climate RT_16_11_2018_Riga